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How to Get Your Websites Ranking

By Team Agaetis, September 27, 2023
Ranking websites

Do You Think Ranking Websites Is Impossible?

Not so much!

You need to work hard to rank your website, especially if you are starting from scratch. But it isn’t impossible, though.

As a matter of fact, you can start ranking your websites by following a few simple steps and three key areas to focus on:

  • Content
  • Readers/ Audience
  • SEO and Performance-based Analytics

With that said, let’s see how to get ranking websites!

6 Easy Steps to Get Your Websites Ranking

6 Steps Arrow Freepik Websites Ranking

Your Content should not be a Rip-Off

It won’t work if you’re ripping off content and rewriting the articles that rank in the top 10 on the Google SERPs. The articles you put out should not only interest your readers but also be a guiding light to answer at least 2–3 of their search queries. For that, you need to be knowledgeable in your target field, unique in what you write, and choose innovation over old ways.

Original content is a must to get your website ranked.

Go out of the Box

To build a website that ranks, you don’t need to follow the crowd that focuses on rambling on and on about the same topics that 10 other websites are writing about. You’re not ChatGPT, my friend; you’re a human with your own distinctive qualities. And that is your competitive edge.

The Quality vs Quantity Debate

If you want your website to rank, you don’t have to churn out articles every day that are 700 words long. That is boring and monotonous, even for you as a writer and content creator.

Rather than focusing solely on quantity, balance it with quality. Aim to focus on producing high-quality work over producing numerous pieces of low-quality work. Quality is more important than quantity in terms of making a lasting impression.

Plus, quality work will last longer and be remembered more fondly.

News Flash: SEO actually helps!

SEO is a big word but once you put it into practise, it is easy-peasy, like eating a pie straight out of the oven. (Well, that’s hot, just how your content will be!)

The formula to getting your website ranking with SEO is simple: Focus on what your audience wants! Then formulate a strategy around it.

Also, answering user search queries will automatically drive your target audience to your website, thus effectively letting search engines know that you have the materials a website needs to be ranked for.

Sounds easy, right?

To make SEO a breeze, you can use some of the amazing tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs or even WordPress plugins.

We have a list of some of the Best SEO Plugins below:

A Master of One rather than Master of None

It is better to master one niche in writing content because not only is it easier to hone your skills and polish your knowledge, but you can also add your own opinions, ideas, and guides to it. After all, being a jack of all trades rarely works out in the long run!

Plus, it matters for SEO too. You can’t be targeting 56,008,744,43 keywords.

Focus on 5–6 main keywords, a few sub-keywords, and sometimes long-tail keywords. You’ll be off to a good start!

Crunch those Numbers with Data Analytics

As you write more content you will begin to see small results.

Rather than putting yourself on a pedestal and falling into a comparison trap, focus on how you can close the gap between you and your goals. To do that, create small, realistic goals based on your performance. This will certainly help you boost your performance and get your websites ranking.

How much time it takes to rank a website?

How much time it takes to rank a website?

It takes between three and six months to rank on the front page of Google, provided you write good-quality, original content and optimise your website. There may be a six to twelve-month waiting period if your website is in high competition or your SEO hasn’t been used.

It also depends on the competition, the quality of the content, and other factors. Generally, the higher the quality of the content, the faster the website will rank.

We hope our article helped you. With these easy steps, you’ll be off to a good start!

We wish you luck in getting your websites ranking. Hope you get that no.1 spot you’re looking for!

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