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Why Working Late Ends Up in Frustrating You Over the Long Run.

By admin, July 21, 2020

Why working late would irritate you in the long run. Every now and then I come across people who work late hours, sit in the office finishing their work.

These people later go on to complain about how they were not given enough time, how their managers set unrealistic time-lines, blah, blah, blah.

To be honest, I have observed some of these people for weeks, and these are my findings.

  1. Most of their work day they are sitting and talking to people – socialising.
  2. Sometimes they are on their phone for 15-20 mins at multiple given occasions.
  3. They don’t fully understand what they are working on, they just listen to their managers and take it as the word of God.
  4. Because person A is dependent on person B to finish their work, but person B is doing 1, if not all of the above points, person A suffers and has their timeline affected.

Yes, we are not robots but if you calculate the amount of time spent  you will notice a good 2 hours right there being in-efficiently utilised. Then on that you add a lunch break, you add a tea break. You come up to around 3-4 hours of unproductive work.

It just shows how working late doesn’t necessarily mean working hard. In fact it shows the inefficiency to manage your working time.

How to be more Productive.

  1. Plan your task out before starting it.
  2. Break your task up into smaller tasks and set a time for each sub-task.
  3. Allot a fixed time you would need to finish those tasks.
  4. Try to complete the task before the time you set,
    1. This helps because over time it will help you think on your feet.
    2. It will keep you motivated to constantly beat your previous record.
  5. Try to socialise or play with your phone only after you have finished a few of your sub tasks.
  6. Don’t always say yes – the biggest mistake you could make is to commit to something that you know is impossible. Else you have to live up to your word – and by not doing so, it will demoralise you.

In conclusion don’t worry about failing when setting your goals, you will get better at it over time, as long as you diligently stick to them. It’s hard at first but it gets easier and in no time it will become a part of you.

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