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Social Media Calendar: Tips and Tricks

By Team Agaetis, March 1, 2023
Using a Social Media Calendar-Tips and Tricks

There is no denying the power of social media – everyone knows how crucial it is now. And if you want to have a strong social media presence, you need to have a good social media strategy in place as well as a planned social media schedule. That’s where the social media calendar comes in handy.

A social media calendar can be essential if you want to quickly plan, schedule, and post on social media daily, as well as save a great deal of time. You’re off to a good start once you’ve got your calendar set up and understand how to use it.

If you want to find out how to create one, check out our article “Social Media Calendar: Free Tools + A Guide (2023)”

What do you need to know about using a Social Media Calendar:

Like any other strategy,  once you have designed a Social Media Calendar and devised your content creation and scheduling plans, the next step is to maximise its efficiency. But how do you do that?

Luckily, you don’t have to be a mastermind to use a content calendar. And to help you further, we have compiled a few Social Media Calendar tips and tricks for you. 

Top 5 Tips for Using a Social Media Calendar:
  1. Make Consistency your Superpower

If you’re using a social media calendar, it means that you already have a schedule in place. While we all work diligently at first, over time we can forget to keep track of our efforts. It is important that you do not lose your streak of being consistent. Make sure you plan posts in advance and be ahead in your plans.

When you post consistently, you appear more organised and trustworthy to your audience. Not only are you building your brand, but you are also building reliability in the minds of your audience.

  1. Revise, Tweak, Improve

Having a social media calendar means you can revise your content easily, jump on current trends, and make tweaks to your posts. In addition to making changes, strategising, and updating your old plans, this also helps you avoid mistakes and improve in the long run. 

  1. Brainstorm New Ideas

Your calendar is like a visual map for all your future posts. By visualising in advance, you can decide what you want, what you don’t want, and what changes you need to make. In fact, if you have an idea after making your entire content calendar, you can easily incorporate it with a little bit of tweaking. This isn’t possible if you’re directly posting on your account. 

You can also collect visual assets and preview how your posts will appear before publishing them. 

  1. Create Balanced Content

When you’re creating content for your calendar, make sure the content and the information you provide is timeless. Trends come and go fast, so to balance it, add these timeless filler pieces of content in between. It will not only complement your content but also allow you to hop on and capitalise on current trends. Make sure it is relevant to your topic, and you’re good to go. 

  1. Explore Different Tools

It is up to you to manually make your own content calendar. Although managing multiple accounts without the assistance of an automated tool can be difficult when trying to keep up with fast-paced trends on multiple social media platforms. If you want to save time and effort, you can use different tools for managing and maintaining your social media calendar, such as Asana, Buffer, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, and so on. 

A content calendar can be an extremely powerful tool if you’re looking to expand your online presence. But wait! You don’t just need a random content calendar, you need a good one. A high-quality social media profile always comes from hours of strategising, timely planning, immense efforts, and a well-planned content calendar. 

Hope our tips helped you. Keep these tips in mind as you create and use your social media calendar. 

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