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9 mistakes to avoid during web developer interview

By admin, January 16, 2020

An Interview defines your knowledge and you have only one chance to prove your skills so make sure you don’t make mistakes and go through these 9 mistakes you should avoid during an interview before you prepare.

1. Rating Yourself

Be careful while rating yourself and provide an honest rating.

2. Resume Format

Your resume needs to be to the point yet must include all the skill sets.

3. Showcase Relevant Work

Don’t just mention your work, if its possible add an attachment to your work.

4. Know your basics 

Brush up on the basics like full forms.

5. Don’t hop on ongoing trends

Know your basics right and don’t restrict to angular or react or vue. Study about Javascripts in general.

6. Send tests on time

Time is an important factor cause it shows your dedication towards getting work done so make sure you send your test within time and with your cv.

7. Email communication

Be Professional/formal and to the point during your email communication and make sure you stick to the topic.

8. Avoid wild guesses

If you are asked a question and you don’t know about it just be honest.

9. Know about the company

Before you join a company get a brief idea about the company as well as visit their website to get information.


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