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Microsoft Word Shortcuts for Writers and Editors

By Team Agaetis, December 27, 2022
microsoft word

You might be familiar with the shortcuts if you’ve used Microsoft Word before. These shortcuts not only save you time but also increase the efficiency of your work. Your work will become much more efficient once these Microsoft Word shortcuts are ingrained in your muscle memory. 

Let’s go!

  1. Word Count

Use  Ctrl + Shift + C to check your Word Count.

Make sure you check the box “Display Word Count while Typing.”

  1. Spike a Text 

Use Ctrl + F3 to save multiple chunks of text to the clipboard simultaneously.

Use Ctrl + Shift + F3 to paste all of the spiked texts.

  1. Insert a Break 

Use Ctrl+Enter to add a page break.

Use Shift+Enter to add a manual line break.

  1. Comfortably Move around

Use Ctrl + →    to jump one word to the right

Use Ctrl + ←    to jump one word to the left

  1. Zoom in and Zoom Out

Use Ctrl + (the minus key)  to Zoom out your entire screen.

Use Ctrl + Shift + (the plus key) to zoom in on your entire screen.

  1. All Caps and Lowercase

Use Shift + F3 to toggle between lowercase, UPPERCASE, and Capitalise.

  1. Format it!

Use Ctrl + =  to Subscript

Use Ctrl+ Shift + = to Superscript

Use Ctrl + Shift + >    to increase the font size by two points

Use Ctrl + Shift + <    to decrease the font size by two points

Use Ctrl+ Shift + L to Bulletise your text

  1. Alignments

Use Ctrl+ R = to align text to the Right

Use Ctrl+ E = to align text to the Centre

Use Ctrl+ L = to align text to the Left

  1. Cut, Copy and Paste

Use Ctrl+X to Cut the selected text

Use Ctrl+C to Copy the selected text

Use Ctrl+V to Paste the selected text

Use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the selected text into your document’s text format

  1. And the Basics!

Use Ctrl+A to Select All

Use Ctrl+B to apply Bold to the selected text

Use Ctrl+F to Find in document

Use Ctrl+H to Find and Replace

Use Ctrl+I  to apply Italics to the selected text

Use Ctrl+K to Add a Link

Use Ctrl+O to Open a file

Use Ctrl+P to Print your current word document

Use Ctrl+S to save your word document

Use Ctrl+U to Underline

Use Ctrl+Y to Redo 

Use Ctrl+Z to Undo  

Simple enough, right? Hope these helped you!

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