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Why Your Business Can’t Afford To Not Have A Website

By admin, September 12, 2020

Just starting up? Low on budget? Still trying to figure out if you need a website for your business?

Here are some pretty undeniable benefits of getting your business a website of its own. 

1. Your own space on the Internet!

Now you may already have well established social media profiles. But think about it this way, having a social media account is like renting an apartment and having your very own website is like owning your very own home! 

You can do as you please and build your own internet identity. The possibilities are endless.

2. Builds credibility

Having a well branded website helps build trust with your customers. Think about it, what is the first thing you do when you want to learn more about something? You look it up on Google! 

Did you know that 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting the company website, 26% checking out the physical store, and 23% of people talking with friends and family.

3. Makes your business accessible 24/7 

Good customer support is the key to build a successful and long-lasting business. An easy to use website with tools like chatbots can help improve your customer experience.

4. Get discovered with the power of SEO

Wouldn’t it be nice to show up in people’s searches? With more people accessing the internet you increase your business’s chances of getting discovered by a larger audience. 

Building your SEO could prevent you from missing out on a lot of potential sales and customers just from search result possibilities alone.

5. Beat the competition 

Not having a business website means you lose out on opportunities against your competitors to grab more market share and increase your sales.

In this day and age when almost everyone is on the Internet, there is a high chance that most of your competitors already have a business website, which means you are putting yourself behind your competitors.

Having your own website can help you to analyse the market to provide the best service to beat your competitors.

Common questions you may have:

  1. What if I don’t have the budget for it? 

No matter your budget there’s a website for you, you can talk to an expert to know what type of website is suitable for your business and how to go about it.

  1. Why should I pay when I have someone who could build a website for free? 

This is a bad idea unless that someone’s career is in web design for your industry.  Having a friend or family member make your website is like trusting a handyman to lay the foundation of a skyscraper. A LOT goes into having an optimized website—SEO optimization, file compression, responsive design, schema markup, etc.—and if it isn’t built on the right foundation, it will likely topple over.

The benefits of having a website for your business will justify the cost.

  1. I already own a brick and mortar store, why do I need it?

It’s a proven strategy to promote your brick and mortar storefront using your website. Even if you don’t plan on selling online, you can help customers find out more about your business or products which makes it much easier for them. 

  1. What if my business is too small for a website?

Most small business owners use this excuse for not having a website for their business because they assume that websites are meant for big and multinational businesses. It’s a misconception for any business owner to assume a business is too small for having a website.

Still not convinced about the benefits of having a website for your business? Book a consultation with us! It’s free.